Click here to download Launchpad 95
897 K
LaunchPad 2.0 sets NEW! standards for application automation. A powerful tool for scheduling unattended tasks. LaunchPad offers a wide variety of options. Supports direct DOS commands, DDE monitoring, DDE command scripts, Send key macros, Network capable and multiple schedule files. The real power of LaunchPad is it's Condition Triggers which gives you unlimited flexibilty for your automation needs. For more information, check the Launchpad Home Page 
Shareware $29.95
Click here to downloadAutoMate Professional
5.5 MB
The BEST automated scheduler on the market!! Schedule your computer to perform unlimited tasks on any schedule, fully unattended! NEW v3.5 has a "Recorder" function to capture mouse and keyboard events for unattended playback. Includes NEW built-in Internet functions, enhanced infinite step macro builder with limitless functions, and built-in vBASIC Scripting for advanced jobs! For more info, check out the AutoMate Home Page.
Shareware $39.95
Click here to download Clock Talk 32
Automate your computer today. Announces time, in digitalized human voice, at intervals you set, or use a hot key to have the time announced to you 'On Demand'. Schedule playing of CD's, launching and closing of programs, playing/recording of wave file and message alarms at set times/days/weeks/months. For more info, check the Clock Talk 32 Home Page.
Shareware $14.00
Click here to downloadInternet Agents Beta
5504 K
This 32 bit Windows 95/NT application allows you to use the Internet at any time (24h a day, 7 days a week), by using numerous agents programmed to do complicated and fastidious tasks - leaving you free to do want you want. Agents included are Meta Finder, Grabber, Forum Manager, Mail Merger, Mail Reader, News Grabber, Time Sentry, Address Book Downloader, Multi Downloader and a lot more. An agent can even perform several missions simultaneously for you. Thanks to an innovative and full featured Schedule Manager, Internet Agents can run a countless number of agents at any time. For more info, check out the Internet Agents Beta Home Page.
Shareware $49.00
Click here to downloadClockMan95
1.4 MB
Full featured event scheduler for Windows95. Combines powerful scheduler with a flexible high-level Windows batch language (400+ functions). Automation wizards automatically generate scripts for popular apps like Netscape Mail, Eudora, Pegasus, Norton Utilities, McAfee's VirusScan and other apps.Fully functional shareware. For more info, check out the GDI Home Page.
Shareware $79.95
Click here to download Auto-Bot for Win95
1377 K
This program does what Mail-Check does, and a whole lot more. Including, downloading your waiting email, setting your system clock to the Internet time, and (for the power users), executing timed telnet sessions. This is just the start, with more actions coming in future releases. For more info, check out Auto-Bot for Win95 Home Page
Shareware $29.95
Click here to downloadExecut-It
312 K
Flexible script and task processor. Able to run multiple files with one click. When combined with scheduling power of System Agent it may do a great deal of useful work. For more info, check out the ExecutIt Home Page.
Shareware $10.00
Click here to download Webpass
1112 K
Webpass sends keyboard commands, such as login information, to web pages or other windows. Commands can be sent automatically when a targeted window appears or manually by clicking a button. It can be used to send login information to web pages, click the dial up networking "Connect To" button, change the "Show Pictures" option on Internet Explorer etc. 
Shareware $20.00
Click here to download SurfBar 96
1420 K
SurfBar 96 is a toolbar/dialup networking automation program. The toolbar can launch associated programs by clicking a button. It supports up to seven program buttons. It also automates the dialup networking in windows 95. For more info, check the SurfBar 96 Home Page
Shareware $7.95
Click here to downloadShort Destination 
2.6 MB
Turn your long journey into a short journey with Short Destination. Short Destination is a shortcut program to other programs. There's more to Short Destination than just shortcuts. You can even set a time to launch anpplication.
Shareware $10.00
Click here to downloadRuns4U Task Scheduler
1794 KB
Schedule Runs4U to run programs, control programs, do FTP or other downloads at off-peak hours, send log-in IDs and passwords to programs to automate FTP or web download. Also, use Runs4U to keep appointments and reminders. Runs4U runs for you.
Shareware $12.00
Click here to downloadRTVReco
5.0 beta 8
47 K
This is a small utility whose purpose is to reconnect you if you get disconnected from your connection. For more info, check the RTVReco Home Page.
Shareware $10.00
Click here to downloadInstantON
960 K
InstantON lets you schedule your PC to work automatically, whether you are there or not: Leave your Windows* 95 system powered on, and you can schedule system tools like ScanDisk to run late at night, or outgoing faxes to be sent when the rates are low. For more info, check out the InstantON Home Page.
Click here to downloadCIA Watchdog
1770 K
An extremely easy to use yet powerful program that allows you to kick off a batch file, windows app or dos app by time of day. Run almost anything you want to unattended. Insert in your startup folder to load everytime. For more info, check out the CIA Watchdog Home Page.
Shareware $25
Click here to downloadSquedule
255 K
A must for scheduling programs to run while you are not monitoring your machine. Ideal for launching programs in the middle of the night. For more info, check out the Blue Squirrel Home Page.
Commercial Demo
Click here to downloadO'Basic95
621 K
System scripting toolkit for Windows95. Built-in dialogs, complete editor with context-sensitive help, objects for DDE clients, INI files, extended registry, serial ports and more. Great for system admin work, front-end automation - anything where batch files aren't enough, but coding and compiling is too much. For more information, check out the O'Basic Home Page.

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